Les Palissades Mountain Adventure Park is unique in North America. This magnificent, world-class mountain park is open year round with a rustic inn, campground, log cabin and mountain hideaway. The place is well isolated in the mountains with its lake, river and cliff 400 m high by 4 km wide, located just 10 km from the village of St Siméon on route 170. The Palisades offer 2 routes of Via Ferrata very natural (not many metal steps), a spectacular adventure bridge 200 meters above the valley, a magnificent 70-meter rope rappelling and 2 x 250 meter ziplines crossing the lake. It is also possible to hike (15 km), rock climbing (200 trad and sport tracks) ice climbing (30 lanes) snowshoeing and ski back country in winter.

Parcours  Falcon Via ferrata

After a 10-minute approach walk, get on the most beautiful natural route in Quebec (the first in North America). Its easy route will take you along natural sidewalks, rocky balconies, spectacular terraces that wind the 250 m wall. Rendered in the middle, the balcony of the falcon offers a spectacular panorama ideal to take pictures and feed your Facebook and Instagram because the wifi signal is accesible and free. The second half is more difficult with the big cross, the step of the giant, and the wall of lamentations. Via is known for its very natural and minimalist appearance. It overlooks a breathtaking landscape. You live an unforgettable mountain experience. At the summit, take a break before continuing your adventure towards the air bridge and abseiling which is highly recommended. You also have the choice to walk down the Eagle Trail. But most of the people go for quatro : via , bridge rappel and 2 zip line. The most spectacular in america !! 

Time 2h30 à 3h00
Length 900m
Difficulty beginner to Intermediate
Notice 10 years old and over
Option 1

Treat yourself to the Quatro which includes the via, the cross of a suspension bridge, abseiling and 2 ziplines of 250m. Good place to stay few days ( lodging , camping and cabin ) 

Parcours  VIA LYNX

This wonderful family or group trip with young children offers spectacular views of the Lac à Jean and the meanders of the Black River. Several bars facilitate the progression along the 2 rocky edges, which makes this course accessible to all. The 15-minute approach walk heads to the start with a striking lookout. The first half of the Lynx is easy and ends with a succession of bars (steps) that help participants progress. We end the path bent over the wire of a rocky stop punctuated with rungs that help the progression to the summit.2h

Time 2h
Length 600m
Difficulty beginner to Intermediate
Notice 10 years old and over
Option 1

For ages 14 and up, complete the Quatro, which includes the via lynx, the suspension bridge, a rappelling and 2 zip lines.


Street address
1000, rte 170, St-Siméon, G0T 1X0
(418) 647-4422
Without charge
1 800 762-4967
Operation period
All year long (reservation required)
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