Where can I book my Via Ferrata?

To book your Via Ferrata route, visit the website of the park you wish to visit.

In each description sheet of the Via Ferrata you can click on “book”. You will be automatically redirected to the website of the park you want to visit.

Do I have to be athletic to do a Via Ferrata?

No need to be a climber or a marathoner to discover a Via Ferrata. It is an activity that is accessible to all. Check the restriction about weight and size before booking.

For a first experience in Via Ferrata, we recommend you to start with an easy to intermediate level course.

How to dress for Via Ferrata ?

Wear good sneakers (shoes must be closed, no sandals), dress comfortably according to the temperature, avoid jeans and cotton and do not wear jewelry.

What should I bring?

In a small, snug backpack, bring a snack and a bottle of water, as well as mosquito repellent and sunscreen if necessary.

If you don’t want to clutter up, you can bring a water bottle that can hang on a harness with a carabiner.

All the equipment necessary for the activity (harnesses, lanyards, carabiners, helmet, etc.) will be provided on site.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended: it guarantees your place on the chosen date and time of departure.

As there is a ratio of participants to be respected for each departure, it is very likely, especially in high season, that if you have not booked, the departure is complete.

What happens if it rains?

In good weather, in bad weather, the Via Ferrata is practiced both in the sun and in the rain.

However, in case of thunderstorms or high winds, the activity may be partially or totally cancelled.

Remember to check the cancellation policies when you make your reservation.

Can we do Via Ferrata all year round?

All parks are open from May to October, but some are open year-round.

Making a Via Ferrata in the middle of winter is an extraordinary experience. You can experience this adventure at:

  • Tyroparc
  • Canyon Sainte-Anne
  • Manoir Richelieu
  • Palisades of Charlevoix